The history of Android

Note how early Android Inc was acquired. The History of Android [INFOGRAPHIC] Andy Rubin was previously with Danger Inc, that made the (at least then) popular Hiptop/Sidekick.. Info about the acquisition of Android Inc: Google Buys Android for Its Mobile Arsenal

Feeling the pressure

Modern mobile phones  are full of sensors. Now Sony Ericsson adds barometric pressure sensing. Who will come up with a killer app for that? Get your apps to work with the Xperia™ active pressure sensor — Developer World

Further discussion about a possible new IT bubble

A Bubble in Social-Media Stocks – “Some might argue fairly that social-networking companies haven’t reached bubble proportions, in part because social media represents an entirely new wave of innovation and commerce enabled by the existence of more than five billion Internet-enabled mobile devices.” “So, this isn’t a straight replay of the ’90s tech bubble, Read more about Further discussion about a possible new IT bubble[…]

SocialApps vs Zynga

So my “theory” about Zynga being a copy-cat wasn’t far off then. Zynga (Farmville, Empires and Allies CityVille) in trouble because of copyright (removed link: permanently redirected to scam sites) Interestingly close to Zynga’s IPO.

Is it a bird, is it a plane…?

Prestigio PER 3052 is a cross-over media player / e-reader for a reasonable price. PER3052 eBook Readers Prestigio It supports the most popular e-book and media formats, including FLAC, and has 2 GB Flash as standard, that can be expanded.