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More social game opportunities?

Is It Too Late to Make a Social Gaming Hit- – Tricia Duryee – Commerce – AllThingsD

I’d say a definite no to that.

The field of more “grown-up” games like strategy, resource, casino etc games that can be massively multiplayer, and are often already web-based, would fit very well as Facebook/Google+ games with the addition of social interaction, gifts, micro-payments etc.

People think too narrowly: “A social game is about building and moving stuff.” No they are not, or at least they don’t have to be.

“The opportunities really lie in identifying categories that have not already been gobbled up by the leaders in the space.”

“Turns out that people are completely okay winning virtual currency that they can never cash out, he said.”

“If you start now, focus on a niche,” [Jens Begemann] said. “If you are trying to build your own city or farm or simulation, it’s difficult.”