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BCF logo 250Beconfident provides over-the-counter products and associated apps. The apps help customers use the products effectively over time, providing advice and showing results. They also serve as entry points for buying products online.


Screenshot_2015-08-03-17-22-28The apps are mostly Web-based, but with native apps that make them installable, as well as provide local phone functionality, like taking photos, determine phone platform etc.

The device apps were developed using PhoneGap (Javascript with device functionality) and the Web apps in LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP), with administration and editing done via WordPress and WPML, and a WordPress emulation for the Web app, providing high performance, yet with WordPress table compatibility.


Abiro developed the apps and service, as well as acted system administrator and assistant to the CEO.

The work started October 2014 and mainly lasted for a year.