News about Twitizer

A few new features added to Twitizer, and a few more are on the way, reflecting the fact that it’s mostly used for tweeting videos nowadays, and that it was in dire need of a redesign. Twitizer Blog

Updated apps

Google is closing down the old AdMob service they acquired from AdMob Inc, and replaces it with a complete end-to-end upgrade. That has required changes to all apps using such ads, and a few other things were enhanced as well, as per below: HighLight Better-looking flat icons. My Checkin Uses Google Maps Android API v2. Read more about Updated apps[…]

Twitter mania

Here’s a summary of Web apps Abiro provides that have a relation to Twitter. Click to see more information and to go to respective site. CliqTags Build mobile campaign sites (supports Twitter feeds). Trends Follow Twitter trends via charts and events. TweetLink Create self-contained tweets. Twitizer Tweet with multimedia. See also Twitizer Uploader. More is Read more about Twitter mania[…]