Lenovo to acquire Google/Motorola handset division

Update: Supposedly Google keeps many of the patents, but they sell for almost 1/5 of the acquisition cost. A surprising move considering I had expected Google wanted Motorola’s patents against Apple. Lenovo to buy Google’s Motorola in China’s largest tech deal | Reuters “Lenovo had negligible market share.” True, but they are big on computers Read more about Lenovo to acquire Google/Motorola handset division[…]

How to use TweetLink

Now I don’t have to make my own tutorial. Thanks Laura! Tutorial: How to Create Ready-made Tweets Using TweetLink TweetLink now supports general shortening of links using Google’s URL shortener via Shorten, as well as the public statistics for such links via Analyze.

Testing TweetLink

Examples of markup generated by TweetLink with title ‘Tweet’, text ‘TweetLink’ and link ‘http://tweetlink.abiro.com’. Anchor Tweet Anchor (short) Tweet Anchor (image) Anchor (image/short) Button Button (image)