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Abiro Energy Prophet

Predict your energy future

Abiro Energy Prophet is a tool for predicting future use of energy in real estate.

It uses data from Metry and E.ON as of now, and supports monthly, daily and hourly data and any meter type and metric provided by the energy data sources.

It’s provided on customer order, for local use, and can be demonstrated on a laptop PC.


It was implemented as a Web application in Python using primarily Flash, Wtforms, Pandas and Facebook Prophet (and Stan).

For each prediction, data is pulled from respective service to get the latest information and new training is performed, to make the results as relevant as possible. Facebook Prophet / Stan are fast enough for making this possible. Numerous options are available for tweaking the results, based on the characteristics of the data.

Development was partly funded by Vinnova, and in corporation with Sensative. The project was called AI for Real Estate (AIRE).

It complements Abiro Meters using the same data.