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Engaging mobile campaign sites

CliqTags is a Web application (SaaS) that makes it very easy to build smart mobile content accessed via QR Codes, NFC tags, banner ads etc, without need for knowledge about the technologies involved.


  • To create a site you only need to provide a name
  • To create a feedback form you only need to provide an e-mail address
  • To build a Twitter feed you only need to provide a Twitter user name
  • To make a video page you only need to provide a YouTube or Vimeo link

CliqTags supports many different ways of accessing content, as described in Access Methods for Mobile Marketing.

It supports several business models, via a flexible plan system, that can be configured for individual customers or groups of customers, and where functionality can be controlled per plan.

  • Prepaid, via separate invoicing
  • Subscription, opt-out, for whatever interval
  • Clicks, per access, by topping up funds
  • Free

Limitations can be set arbitrarily per plan, like amount of sites and pages, supported access methods, supported features etc.

It also supports topping up of funds for bulk SMS and clicks.

Online payments are handled via Paypal (credit card or Paypal account).

It’s deployed worldwide, and is available directly via CliqTags, or via AppDirect.


We are looking for partners that can resell and license the solution, optimally with industry specific knowledge.

There’s also an opportunity to acquire private-branded instantiations of CliqTags.


CliqTags is developed, maintained, hosted and funded by Abiro.

Development started early 2012. The application has gone through 3 major iterations since, especially changing how sites and pages are edited, and is still being improved when needed.

During late 2022 the administration portal and mobile site renderer (both now at were completely separated from the information site made in WordPress to make maintenance as well as custom instantiation simpler. Potentially the different sites could use completely different hosting, based on performance needs.