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Abiro Stargazer

Know when observations are possible and convenient

Abiro Stargazer provides suggestions for when there are good conditions for stargazing.

It uses weather forecast data from SMHI (Sweden’s weather service) and OpenWeather (worldwide, but less reliable for Sweden).

The application is free and even ad-less, and can be seen as a demonstrator of what such weather services can provide.

It was initially made to assist Astronomiska Sällskapet Tycho Brahe with what we call “road observations”, where we agree on a suitable time and place to go out in a group for joint observations and knowledge sharing.

Many other types of topic-specific weather applications could be made, like for hiking, sailing, farming etc, that are of course considered. Contact us if you are interested in such topic-specific applications or weather applications in general.


It was developed by Abiro during 2021 based on Abiro Weather.