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AyTv’s is a Mexican company that sells viewing space on video screens in buses. They have an agreement with Mexico City about supplying public service announcements, but due to private actors they also show advertisements, contests and other information.

AyTv’s GeoPromos is a customer adapted mobile application that supports beacons and geofences, and works together with the mobile content management system CliqTags, so that related information also can be supplied via the travelers’ mobile phones. The same functionality is available in CliqTags Spotter, that also supports QR codes.

USB-connected beacons are installed in the buses, that are connected to the screens to avoid battery hassle. Around bus stations and a few other places geofences are used, covering the interesting areas. Geofences are round, but as they can overlap, it’s possible to cover also non-circular areas.

To the end-user, the experience of a detected beacon or geofence is exactly the same: If a CliqTags site is associated with one or more beacons or one or more geofences, a banner is shown in the app, that the user can click on to see the actual content. It’s even possible to show content in the banner, including text, pictures and videos, optionally without any site behind it, as both the site content and the banner is normal HTML. Newly detected content is always at the top of the screen, and a notification is issued when that happens.

The solution has been used since the summer of 2016 and has worked well as a complement to their screens.

Abiro AB, that supplies CliqTags, provides all involved technology, except iBeacon-compatible beacons that the customer purchases separately. Abiro is also responsible for the daily operation. The customer has produced all the content on its own, without Abiro’s involvement, except during initial training/documentation.

Work was made for the customer regarding private branding of the service and the app, and geofencing etc was added during that work as well. They paid a yearly subscription, where Abiro took full responsibility for maintenance and upgrades. The setup is analogous to renting a customer-adapted solution. Abiro has full rights to all enhancements made, that have been transferred to CliqTags and CliqTags Spotter. It also goes the other way, so that all involved software is in sync.

The service and mobile application are no longer active.