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New and updated applications

When it’s summer and all customers are on vacation:

Of note

  • Abiro Cordova Image, a generator of image assets for Cordova, updated to support the latest guidelines for icons and splash screen.
  • Abiro Guppy, a chat client for the OpenAI GPT API that can be used as an alternative to ChatGPT, developed as a client-only application.
  • Abiro Here, that makes it easy to inform others about exact locations, has been updated with reverse geocoding and QR codes.
  • Abiro NFC Writer, a basic NFC writer application for general use, re-written in Cordova JavaScript (previous version was written in Android Java).
  • Abiro Password, a password generator, now generates cryptographically secure codes.
  • Abiro QR Code, a QR code generator, now re-written as a client-only application from previously being a PHP-based backend application, same features but more polished and responsive.
  • Abiro Weather, shows weather forecasts, now supports Meteorologisk Institutt as well, and visualisation has been improved overall.
  • CliqTags, a mobile CMS for customer interaction, updated with better support for location/tracking, and also investigated the potential for such scenarios.
  • CliqTags NFC Writer, an NFC writer application for specifically CliqTags, re-written in Cordova JavaScript (previous version was written in Android Java).
  • Gramofy, a discography playlist creator for Spotify, now supports any size playlists (at least in theory) and randomized playlists.

Also, all mobile applications have been updated to support Android 33, to avoid them being removed.

In the pipeline

  • CliqTags Nearby, an Eddystone beacon proximity application that supports Eddystone-URL.
  • DictPad, a note-taking application that supports dictation, QR codes and NFC tags.
  • MIDIPads, turns a smartphone into a MIDI controller.

And more, not saying any of these are guaranteed to ever be released.