Mobile HTML 5

HTML 5 is of course intended to be used by all kinds of Web devices, but there are certain extensions to Javascript that are primarily aimed at mobile devices, not the least location. I found these useful pages through a simple googling: Mobile HTML5 – Tutorial- Your First Mobile HTML5 App – The Basics, Forms, Read more about Mobile HTML 5[…]

QR Code tutorial

Update: CliqTags™, the Web app for managing smart content for QR Codes has been released. Check it out at The most interesting and beneficial application I‘ve found for QR Codes is MMS tickets, to enable automatic reading (and hence secure and immediate verification), if now MMS can be trusted for such heavy-duty use. At least there Read more about QR Code tutorial[…]

Geosocial vs location-based

Surprisingly how little impact Foursquare, Loopt etc (where’s Gowalla?) have had, considering they’ve been so hyped. The big generally-social players dominate. How is Gmail a geosocial service? I didn’t expect Skype to be such a big player in this field. Who’s Using Geosocial and Location-Based Services- – Flowtown (@flowtown)

Android for controlling stuff

In Idea for a robot project I wrote about using smartphones for controlling robots and other things. It seems much more real and feasible now, considering this: DIY Phone Gadgets- DIYers, let’s make a complete list of Android Hardware Interface Tools and Solutions

Android fragmentation: Oh noes!

Note the complete lack of fragmentation on iOS devices. Anyone within development and/or with common sense knows this means efficiency for both the platform developer and the platform user / application developer. Charted- Android Fragmentation – TechCrunch