Node-RED for IoT

I recently participated in an introduction to Node-RED tutored by Sensative AB. Node-RED is a visual programming tool focused on expressing data flows as linked nodes that perform functions on the data. In theory no coding is required. As Node-RED is written in JavaScript for Node.js it can run on most platforms, including e.g. Raspberry Read more about Node-RED for IoT[…]

Anders Borg joins Physical Web Association

Physical Web Association (PHWA) aims to promote the use of beacons for context-based information access and interaction via mobile devices. From the site: What is the Physical Web Association? The Physical Web Association (PHWA) is a non-profit community established to advance the future development of the Physical Web. Our main goals are to drive its Read more about Anders Borg joins Physical Web Association[…]

Internet still growing

Here’s a summary of findings indicating there’s still Internet evolution going on, and not the least China and Asia as a whole is still very much a growing market. Africa should be next. Internet Statistics & Trends in 2019