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Lund City

Lund City in Sweden has been running numerous IoT-related projects during the early 2020s, with Future by Lund (now separate from the city) as main project manager for those projects.

Sensative was involved in several of these, both with sensors and its IoT platform (Yggio).

One of the projects I got involved in was creating an IoT education for Swedish colleges. This resulted in material for how to use Sensative products as well as more lab-friendly equipment based on Arduino, with which students could build their own sensors.

Eventually the use of the material was abandoned, as the interest for IoT education was too low at the time.


The development aspect of the assignment was to decide on and develop for a suitable platform for creating sensors, so students could then build both hardware and software suitable for what was going to be measured. This was intended as an alternative to buying ready-made sensors, and instead focus on configuring and managing sensors.

The choice fell on Adafruit Feather RFM95 32u4 and M0, both with integrated LoRa radio for 868/915 MHz. I used the 32u4 variant as a base for the software, as it has much less memory than the M0. Due to that the LoRa stack had to be very small, and the only one small enough supported only ABP, which is still good enough for the use case. The code could be used as-is provided a certain low-cost temperature sensor is used. For other sensors students needed to change the code, which was part of the challenge. The CPU and LoRa unit were put in sleep mode between reading/sending sensor data (each 10 minutes, but of course configurable) to maximize battery life.

The education material was written together with Sensative, with focus on using Yggio for managing the sensors. Abiro IoT could also be used as a way to visualize sensor data as well as to download such for external analysis, e.g. in Power BI.

Material and code still exists if someone wants to pursue this further. The question is who owns it.

The work was performed during 2020.