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AGPSAssisted Global Positioning System
AMPSAdvanced Mobile Phone System
ANIAutomatic Number Identification
APIApplication Programming Interface
ARPUAverage Revenue Per User
BaaSBackend as a Service
BREWBinary Runtime Environment for Wireless
BSCBase Station Controller
BLEBluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth Smart
BTABasic Trading Area
BTSBase Transceiver System
CDMACode Division Multiple Access
CDPDCellular Digital Packet Data
CLECCompetitive Local Exchange Carrier
CPECustomer Premises Equipment
CSSCascading Style Sheet
DOMDocument Object Model
DSPDigital Signal Processor
DVB-HDigital Video Broadcast – Handheld
EDGEEnhanced Data for GSM Evolution
ESMREnhanced or Extended Specialized Mobile Radio
EV-DOEvolution Data Only
FDDFrequency Division Duplex
GMSCGateway Mobile Switching Center
GPRSGeneral Packet Radio Service
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GSMGlobal Systems for Mobile Communications (originally Groupe Special Mobile (French))
HLRHome Location Register
HSDPAHigh Speed Downlink Packet Access
HSUPAHigh Speed Uplink Packet Access
HTMLHyperText Markup Language
IaaSInfrastructure as a Service
iDENIntegrated Digital Enhanced Network (Motorola TDMA)
ILECIndependent Local Exchange Carrier
IMSIP Multimedia Subsystem
IoTInternet of Things
IPInternet Protocol
J2MEJava 2 Platform, Micro Edition (old)
Java MEJava Platform, Micro Edition (new)
LANLocal Area Network
LECLocal Exchange Carrier
LoRaLong-range (Radio)
LoRaWANLong-range (Radio) WAN
LTELong Term Evolution
M2MMachine-to-machine (Communication)
MIMOMultiple Input, Multiple Output
MMDSMultichannel Multipoint Distribution Service
MMSMultimedia Messaging Service
MOUMinutes of Use
MSCMobile Switching Center
MTMobile Terminated (e.g. SMS)
MOMobile Originated (e.g. SMS)
MVNOMobile Virtual Network Operator
NFCNear Field Communication
OSOperating System
OTAOver The Air
PaaSPlatform as a Service
PCSPersonal Communications System
PHSPersonal Handyphone System
POTSPlain Old Telephone Service
PSAPPublic Safety Answering Point
PSTNPublic Switched Telephone Network (= POTS)
PTTPush To Talk
QRQuick Response (Code)
RBOCRegional Bell Operating Company
RFRadio Frequency
RFIDRadio Frequency Identification
RNCRadio Network Controller
RTTRound-trip Time
SaaSSoftware as a Service
SIMSubscriber Identity Module
SIPSession Initiation Protocol
SMRSpecialized Mobile Radio
SMSShort Message Service
SVGScalable Vector Graphics
TDDTime Division Duplex
TDMATime Division Multiple Access
TD-SCDMATime Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access (phew!)
UMAUnlicensed Mobile Access
UMTSUniversal Mobile Telecommunications System
UWBUltra Wideband
VoIMVoice over Instant Messaging = VoIP
VoIPVoice over Internet Protocol
WANWide Area Network
WAPWireless Application Protocol
W-CDMAWideband Code Division Multiple Access
WICDWeb Integration Compound Document
Wi-FiWireless Fidelity (IEEE 802.11b WLAN)
WiMAX(or WirelessMAN) Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (IEEE 802.16)
WLANWireless Local Area Network (typically IEEE 802.11)
WLLWireless Local Loop
VLRVisitor Location Register
WMLWireless Markup Language
VoIPVoice over IP
XHTMLExtended HyperText Markup Language