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Omnio Sound

Böhmer Audio developed an audio-processing algorithm for Onio Sound for enhancing the audio from e.g. podcasts, so was in need of a system that would handle such enhancements on already done recordings, often lasting an hour or more, and for multiple customers at the same time.


Development of a PHP-based Web application that communicated with audio-processing code written in MATLAB using a 4-tier queue system that handled congestion by giving new jobs to queues with less queued up jobs, as well as halting use of (and reporting) full queues. Each MATLAB process was running on its own CPU core.

It also provided a basic UI that enabled uploading any size audio files for processing. Such files could easily be 100 Mbytes, which meant normal HTML file upload didn’t work. Several different audio formats were supported, and possible conversions were handled by the MATLAB code.

Users were informed via the UI and e-mail when the job was completed.

The application supported customer accounts as well as multiple users per customer account, but didn’t provide payment, as that was handled separately/manually.