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Artificial Intelligence

This is a placeholder page for a coming tutorial about different types of AIs, currently popularized by LLMs from numerous providers, where arguably OpenAI still leads despite recent turmoil within the company.


AI is technically speaking created by Machine Learning, and increasingly via Artificial Neural Networks, even though many other methods exist.


OpenAI’s Assistants API packages GPT, Dall-E and other features into one API, but is currently only available as a prototype. This seems to be the best feature moving forward to integrate with other systems as well as build UI abstractions for fixed-topic applications, whether they are prompt-, voice-, or GUI-based, including with timed or event-based automation of tasks.

I’ve used the Assistants API to create stories for children based on a basic description that sets the foundation for the stories. This is right now implemented in a simple Python script that outputs HTML of the response, assuming the response is in plain text or markdown.



Generated content

Here is content generated by OpenAI GPT and Dall-E3: