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The first Netduino book

It’s specifically about the Netduino Plus, and using it for Internet communication.

It’s focused on practical use, and contains no exposé of what The Internet of Things is about. No one has the answer, and the field is open, so you are as qualified as anyone else to find out what to “internetize”.

You get access to the on-line version for 45 days for free. The source code for the projects can be downloaded from the author’s site.


The Netduino in the photo is not included with the book. Sparkfun, Amazon (!) etc sells it.

There are as of yet 3 models of the Netduino:

  • Netduino: form factor and pin compatible with Arduino, yet with a much more powerful MPU, as well as .NET Micro Framework and C# instead of Wiring and C/C++
  • Netduino Plus: adds wired Ethernet and SD Card slot
  • Netduino Mini: very small design for embedding on other boards

More information about the book: Getting Started with the Internet of Things – O’Reilly Media