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You can’t offer a Web or Social App without mobile access. Also, more and more users frown at mobile Web sites and expect that your Web or Social App comes with apps for at least iOS and Android.

A smartphone has many benefits compared to simpler types of mobile phones and other gadgets, like support for advanced graphics-intensive applications, a completely customizable touch and gesture-based user interface, location, movement and direction sensing, all in all providing a richer user experience than achievable on a PC, in a very compact, always-with-you, always-on package.

In parallel, tablets are increasingly becoming a must-have gadget, taking market share from laptops and netbooks, and that are based on the same technologies as smartphones, including in terms of applications.

Also, smartphones and tablets are constantly evolving, eventually replacing media players, books, tickets, IDs, cash, etc.

Machine-to-Machine communication and the Internet of Things are evolving, using established microcontroller, sensor and control technologies, and using cable or wireless communication, creating truly connected devices with worldwide access, potentially increasing the amount of connected devices magnitudes beyond what it is today.

Abiro can help you establish what the market expects of you!