Cloudways Promo

All sites listed at Properties are hosted via Cloudways on DigitalOcean. With the promo code ABIRO22 you now get 20% off for two months by using the below banner:

Cloudways to Join DigitalOcean

Abiro partnered with Cloudways (a virtual managed hosting provider) since 2016, and used DigitalOcean as the physical hosting provider during that time. This announcement strengthens the notion that it was a good decision. Cloudways Blog – Cloudways to Join DigitalOcean

Abiro is no more

The company Abiro AB has been shut down. The listed Properties are now owned by Anders Borg privately, and are available for acquisition. Anders Borg still provides the mentioned Offerings via agents, but less so. This site and CliqTags will be kept running for the time being for the information.

IoT-related properties

It’s been made more clear how different properties relate to each other on Properties. Added today are Abiro Energy Prophet and Abiro Stargazer, both based on the results from AIRE – AI for Real Estate. Other IoT-related properties are Abiro IoT, Abiro Meters and Abiro LoRa Keys.

Sensative in conference

Abiro is a partner to Sensative regarding IoT solutions. E.g. Abiro IoT is integrated with their IoT platform Yggio. Sensative held its first conference today called Sense1. It’s still ongoing, but it’s mainly a repetition of the day’s talks for Americans. Sensative – Sense1 Lots of interesting information. Most of the material will be available Read more about Sensative in conference[…]

The Swedish proptech map

Proptech is short for property technology, in other words technologies for real estate, smart cities etc. Abiro Meters was recently added to the map: Proptech-kartan 2021: unik lista med alla proptech-startups i Sverige!

Node-RED for IoT

I recently participated in an introduction to Node-RED tutored by Sensative AB. Node-RED is a visual programming tool focused on expressing data flows as linked nodes that perform functions on the data. In theory no coding is required. As Node-RED is written in JavaScript for Node.js it can run on most platforms, including e.g. Raspberry Read more about Node-RED for IoT[…]