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Chaos at OpenAI

Update 2023-11-23: Sam is back and the previous board has been replaced, ushering in a more commercially oriented approach to OpenAI moving forward, for good and bad.

On Friday Sam Altman was sacked as CEO of OpenAI, and it seems that he will now move to Microsoft, possibly with many of the other employees in his wake, at least if the current board is not replaced. The article points to some of the reasons Sam was sacked, which in part is due to the double nature of the company.

There’s strictly speaking no side that’s in the wrong here, as OpenAI is separated into an ethical non-profit side and a business side. The question is now if Microsoft wants to and can (= will be allowed to) absorb OpenAI to get full control.

More things are sure to unfold during the week, and rather quickly.

The Atlantic – Inside the Chaos at OpenAI