Facebook plans for considerable staff growth

Facebook is a Web 2.0 service, as in members/users submitting all the material, so what will all those people do? Facebook Plans for 9,400 Workers at Headquarters – Sourcing – ITBusinessEdge.com Sell ad space? That’s also handled Web 2.0 style and going through Microsoft’s ad network. Lawyers? Hopefully not that many. Developers? No way that Read more about Facebook plans for considerable staff growth[…]

Facebook Deals

I’ve mentioned I consider Twitter to now be infrastructure for short messages. Facebook is equally becoming infrastructure for recommendations. Facebook Launches Deals to Compete With Groupon – PCWorld Not that I’m impressed by e.g. Places. It’s yet quite feature-less and Facebook is not in any way exploiting its potential, and I wonder why Facebook doesn’t Read more about Facebook Deals[…]

Twitter confuses

This kind of news doesn’t quite help people understand what is Twitter’s strategy. Twitter- Yes, Jack Dorsey is leading product “full-time” – VentureBeat Could this be mandated by investors? I sense Twitter is preparing for an IPO, by pulling in as much real and virtual value as they can.

Facebook evolves

More options for site visibility is a good thing: Facebook Launches ‘Send’ Button For More Selective Sharing, Announces 50 Million ‘Groups’ “Site designers are groaning right now (they have yet another sharing widget to integrate)” That sounds like wild and wrong guessing, as that’s a very small price to pay for increased visibility. Here it Read more about Facebook evolves[…]

Amazon’s benefit…

…is the combination of a phone web-shop with an app store, making for nice bundling possibilities. At least it’s a bit different in terms of Android. Maybe less so compared to Apple. With $25 Android App Giveaway, Amazon Shows Larger Ambitions- Tech News and Analysis «

The history of Twitter, from a different angle

From an investor’s point-in-view. It also shows how an investor thinks about us geeks. The Non-Overnight Success- How Twitter Became Twitter As noted before, Twitter didn’t arrive from nowhere, and this even further proves that. The question is though, in what way is Twitter really successful and/or when can it realistically be?