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Voluntary Work

Acted IT responsible and educator at a local astronomy association from 2020 to 2022, helping with modernizing the association’s under-maintained sites and providing education on telescopes and astronomical photography as well as tutoring on stargazing events.

Until 2006 I was a board member and information manager in Lund’s department for Aktiespararna (“Stock Savers”). As such I handled information mailing and the department’s web sites that were aimed at the association’s members. I also participated in the administration of member meetings. I then sat for a while in the nomination committee, where I, among other things. made a guideline for the Nomination Committee.

I have on several occasions been on the board of the tenant-owner association Solfjädern 1 (“Sun Fan 1”) in Lund. Initially as responsible for information dissemination, and broadband
and TV for the area. Lately (up until 2023) as overall responsible for broadband, TV, and IT issues as well as fire protection for the community association, but outside the board. Primarily I worked with maintenance and content editing for the Web site.