Health-related apps

Abiro has made a few health-related applications in the past, notably: HemoCue Beconfident Trivendia This is a vast field with many possibilities, including in combination with Internet of Things and Machine Learning, and we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg yet in terms of possibilities and gains. For experimental purposes, partly to investigate possibilities Read more about Health-related apps[…]

Partnering with Cloudways

Abiro has now switched all hosting to Cloudways, and the experience is entirely positive so far. Cloudways acts as a management layer on top of popular cloud hosting providers like DigitalOcean and Amazon, providing service and application monitoring, very quick deployment of applications, highly optimized server installations, a selection of many different application platforms and Read more about Partnering with Cloudways[…]

Upgraded to Bootstrap 4.0

The Abiro services that at all used Bootstrap before have been upgraded to 4.0. The biggest difference is more saturated colors, for good and bad. Sometimes buttons and text backgrounds can look a bit “toy-like”, but at least you’ll see them, guaranteed. Where it made sense, buttons are now full width.

Improved PhoneGap Image Generator

Used by many PhoneGap/Cordova developers, PhoneGap Image Generator has lately been improved to better cater to current needs for image assets, including: Aligned what images are generated to the latest Cordova, Android and iOS specifications Generates iOS storyboard images by default Icons can be non-square Allows very large source images Performance has been increased substantially Read more about Improved PhoneGap Image Generator[…]