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Apple vs Samsung: $1B / 0

And so Apple won the patent suit against Samsung, and more is likely to come.

Jury: Samsung should pay Apple more than $1 billion

I wonder though:

  • Can really pure designs be patented? Aren’t patents supposed to describe solutions to real problems? That’s the stance we have in Sweden.
  • Will Xerox PARC and others now sue Apple for all they’ve “borrowed”?
  • Clearly this is eventually a war against Android, and not just Samsung. Google needs to prepare itself for that. If Apple wins, we have the same situation as with Microsoft earlier, and IBM even earlier. Such monopolies never last forever, as eventually Apple will be behind the curve and disruptive solutions from others will take them completely off guard, but that can take years.
  • The only positive if Android would somehow (and unlikely) be defeated, is that Nokia can make a comeback, if they survive that long, with or without Microsoft in the mix. Considering Microsoft intends to provide its own Windows 8 based gadgets, I wonder where Nokia fits into that.
  • Regarding Samsung selling more smartphones than Apple: That’s completely irrelevant. The only thing that really matters is profit, and Apple has much more of that, both because of the much higher margins on the phones and because of the after market created by content sales.
  • Interestingly Samsung is at the same time a (the?) major provider of components to Apple, so it’s a weird game they are playing.