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Music listening in the old days

Five Music-Related Things Kids Today Will Never Have – Orange County Music – Heard Mentality

And my views on this:

  • Making a mix tape: People do that now via Spotify and similar services, and it’s much easier to do and to share.
  • Music on MTV: Good riddance to MTV, but music needs venues, so I’m in favor of more (real) music on TV. The Web (not the least Youtube) has in part taken over this already.
  • Kazaa etc: Illegal downloading is still going strong, but via other means (torrents mostly), and the rest of us will stream. Sure, I still buy CDs, but not for much longer. I lack the audio quality though.
  • The Walkman: The “MP3” player (rather bearer-less digital music player, but BLDMP doesn’t have the same ring to it) is the direct analogue. OK, 1000s more songs on an MP3 player, and shuffle and playing videos etc etc.
  • Fixing a cassette tape with a pencil: Good riddance.

In a few years time people will no longer buy music (or videos) on physical media anymore, so get with the program.