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Advance information about Twitizer Uploader

Updated 2011-05-15

This information is also available at Twitizer Uploader Android’.

Twitizer Uploader is aimed specifically at tweeting images, videos, audio and long messages, as quickly and simply as possible.

It will be released next week, unless disaster strikes.

Samples can be provided now, if you want to evaluate it.


Running on an HTC Wildfire.

Main Screen







Help text

Available via the Help screen in the app:

Thanks for installing Twitizer Uploader, the Android app for Twitizer (, that enables you to tweet multimedia and long messages.

We’ve tried our best to make tweeting photos, videos, audio and long messages as simple as possible.

How to use Twitizer Uploader:

  1. Login to your Twitter account via from a PC or tablet
  2. Create or choose an image, video or audio file, and/or write a long message
  3. Write a Twitter status
  4. Press Upload (see note below)
  5. Repeat from 2 any number of times


  • The first time you Upload you are asked to login to the same account as you did at
  • Status and Message are saved between uploads, so you can send several images etc with the same information.
  • By default your rough location is included with the upload. You can shut that off entirely or set a finer precision via Settings / Location method. Note that GPS draws more battery than other methods, and doesn’t work indoors. If you set Location method to Fine/Coarse, Uploader will automatically switch to coarse location if GPS is not available.
  • Uploader is intentionally not a complete Twitter client, but might become in the future. You never know.
  • The application should work on any Android phone, but we don’t guarantee it, as there’s no possibility to test on every phone. Let us know if you run into any problems (see About for contact information).

Future possibilities

Interestingly I have a separate more or less complete Twitter client for MIDP and Android, but it broke down when Twitter introduced OAuth, and I never got around to fixing it after that. Time to dust that app off and see if I can make a combined one.

I also contemplate support for more file types, like vCard, iCalendar, PDF etc.