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Commodore 64 resurrected

Now running Windows or Linux, but it can also run its own OS as well as original C64 games via a software-based emulator.

Commodore USA – Commodore 64

Commodore Creates C64 for the 21st Century – Walyou

It’s interesting to compare performance (roughly):

  • 4 magnitudes faster
  • 5 magnitudes more RAM
  • 6 magnitudes more secondary storage
  • 30 times higher resolution and almost infinitely faster vector and 3D performance

Interesting then that the C64 emulator needs to emulate the original performance in all aspects, including of course the audio chip in software.

The ergonomics of the high box and the keys are terrible, so don’t use it at the office. There are other reasons why it’s not recommended to use it at the office. You’ll figure it out.