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Users want larger displays, to a point

The Effect of Screen Size on Smartphone Sales – Geek with Laptop

Why don’t we think more in terms of usability, instead of speculating about why a certain display size is optimal for the best mix of running phone apps, and portability?

We humans are a certain size, we have certain hand and pocket/bag sizes, and for easy viewing the display also needs to be a certain size, and information on the display needs to be a certain size too.

Phones are devices that we always bring with us, without any need for a bag, which also helps defining the optimal size. Laptops and tablets are not.

I’ve seen people carrying around a smartphone, a tablet and a laptop at the same time. I hope that behavior stops before they break their backs and piggy banks.

If we just made phone calls such large display sizes would not be needed, but we are not in Kansas anymore. Rather we are in a land of apps and multimedia.