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Story time: Text-only stories

I’ve found generating stories to be an interesting pastime, and a great way to explore the more creative aspects of LLMs. Results vary, but here are a few that you might find interesting. GPT-3.5, GPT-4 and GPT-4 1106 preview were used. In my opinion GPT-3.5 creates good enough results, and is also much cheaper to use, but as can be seen, my prompts weren’t altogether followed at times.

I will follow this up with stories that include pictures.

The Misfits


Create a story for adults that is horrific and has a plot twist ending. Mix in a few adult jokes as comic relief. The characters should be a group of people where each one dies a horrible death over time, and where only one remains at the end that lives to tell the story.


Once upon a time, in the small town of Grimwood, there lived a group of friends who called themselves the Misfits. They were a peculiar bunch, each with their own quirks and eccentricities. There was Max, the fearless leader with a twisted sense of humor, Sarah, the quick-witted and sarcastic one, Jack, the lovable goofball, and Emily, the quiet and mysterious artist.

One fateful evening, the Misfits gathered at their favorite haunt, The Raven’s Nest, a dimly lit pub known for its eerie atmosphere. As they sat around a creaky wooden table, nursing their drinks, a stranger approached them. He was a tall man with a sinister grin, introducing himself as Mr. Mortis.

Mr. Mortis claimed to be a collector of rare artifacts and offered the Misfits the opportunity of a lifetime. He spoke of a cursed relic, hidden deep within the nearby haunted mansion, said to grant unimaginable power to its possessor. Intrigued by the prospect of adventure and riches, the Misfits agreed to accompany Mr. Mortis on this perilous quest.

As they ventured into the mansion’s dark corridors, the air grew heavy with an otherworldly presence. The Misfits couldn’t help but crack a few jokes to lighten the tension, their adult humor providing brief moments of comic relief amidst the encroaching horror.

One by one, the Misfits began to meet their gruesome demise. Jack, always the curious one, stumbled upon a room filled with man-eating plants that devoured him whole. Sarah, known for her sharp tongue, found herself trapped in a room where every word she spoke turned into a swarm of venomous snakes, leaving her lifeless on the floor.

Emily, the artist with a penchant for the macabre, discovered a gallery of haunted paintings. As she admired the twisted artwork, the figures within the frames came to life, dragging her into their nightmarish world. Max, the fearless leader, faced a room filled with mirrors that distorted reality. Unable to distinguish between illusion and truth, he met a tragic end, impaled by shards of glass.

As the Misfits dwindled in number, the remaining survivor, Emily, realized the true nature of their predicament. Mr. Mortis was not a collector but a malevolent being, orchestrating their deaths for his own sadistic pleasure. Emily, armed with her artistic intuition, managed to outsmart Mr. Mortis, trapping him within one of her own paintings.

With the curse broken and the mansion crumbling around her, Emily emerged as the sole survivor. She returned to Grimwood, scarred by the horrors she had witnessed, but determined to tell the world of the Misfits’ tragic fate.

Years later, Emily published a book recounting their harrowing experience, a chilling tale that sent shivers down readers’ spines. The plot twist, however, lay within the final pages. It was revealed that Emily herself had succumbed to the curse, her soul forever trapped within the haunted mansion, doomed to relive the horrors over and over again.

And so, the story of the Misfits ended with a twist that left readers stunned, a reminder that sometimes the true horror lies not in the monsters we face, but within ourselves.

Opeth Poem


Create a poem like an Opeth song.


In twilight’s embrace, the shadows weave,
A symphony of depths, a tale to perceive.
Guitar strings hum, a melancholy wail,
A journey through echoes, a surreal trail.

Mysteries of dusk, both sorrow and light,
Entwined in harmony, the day meets the night.
Lyrics like whispers from forgotten realms,
Opeth’s creation, where reality dwells.

A crescendo of emotion, the riffs entwine,
Dark verses of longing, a melancholic sign.
Progressive rhythms, a musical maze,
Where the heart finds solace in enigmatic haze.

Through layers of sound, the soul takes flight,
In the realms of Opeth, where dark dreams ignite.
A poetic voyage, a canvas of sound,
In the universe they craft, emotions unbound.

So let the verses unfold, like autumn leaves,
In the opulent garden of Opeth’s reprieve.
A lyrical journey, an opus so grand,
Where worlds collide, in the palm of your hand.

Bedtime Stories

Assistant Instructions

Act as a storyteller inventing exciting and slightly scary stories directed to small children, where the moral is to be friendly to and tolerant of others, including your parents, without using those terms outright. Don’t use complicated words that would be hard to understand for children.


Please read me a bedtime story.


Sure, snuggle up in your cozy blanket, and let’s set off on an adventure from the comfort of your bed.

Once upon a time, in a lush, green forest where the trees stretched high into the sky and the rivers sparkled under the sun, there lived a little fox named Freddie. Freddie had a bright red coat and a bushy tail that swished as he scampered around the woods.

Freddie loved exploring, but he was also a bit mischievous. One day, while playing a game of hide and seek, he found himself lost in a part of the forest he had never seen before. The trees here were taller and the shadows seemed to whisper with secrets. Freddie’s heart thumped with a mix of excitement and fear.

As he wandered, trying to find his way back home, he stumbled upon a strange creature he had never seen before. It was a small, fluffy creature with big, round eyes and long, floppy ears. It hopped around on its back legs, and it seemed just as scared of Freddie as Freddie was of it.

“Hello,” Freddie said, mustering his courage. “I’m Freddie. Who are you?”

The creature gave a little hop and replied, “I’m Bella, the bunny. I’m new here, and I’m trying to find my way.”

Freddie thought for a moment. He could either run back to his familiar forest, leaving Bella alone, or he could offer to help her, even though she was different from him and he was a little bit scared. Freddie decided to be brave and kind.

“Don’t worry, Bella,” Freddie said gently. “We’ll find the way together. I’ve been exploring these woods for a long time.”

Bella smiled, her big eyes sparkling with gratitude. They set off, with Freddie taking the lead and Bella hopping alongside him. As they searched for the path, they shared stories and laughed at each other’s jokes. They quickly learned that even though they were different, they had a lot in common.

Suddenly, the sky grew dark and a loud roar filled the air. It was the Growly Bear, the grumpiest creature in the whole forest. With each step, the ground shook, and Freddie and Bella froze in their tracks.

Growly Bear stopped in front of the two friends. “Why are you in my part of the forest?” he growled, looking down at them.

Freddie and Bella explained how they got lost and how they were trying to help each other find their way. Growly Bear listened, his frown slowly turning into a thoughtful look.

In the end, Growly Bear didn’t just let them go; he joined their little team. It turned out that beneath his growls and grumbles, Growly Bear was actually very kind and knew the forest better than anyone. He led Freddie and Bella safely home, becoming their new friend.

That night, as Freddie snuggled into his cozy den, he thought about his day’s adventure. He learned something very important: It’s good to help others who seem different because deep down, they may be very much like you. And sometimes, when you are kind to someone, even if they seem a bit scary, they might just be a friend you haven’t met yet.

Freddie fell asleep, dreaming of all the new friends he would make, simply by being brave and kind. Goodnight, little one. May your dreams be filled with new friends and adventures.


Write me a very scary story.


Alright, buckle up for a little spooky journey, but remember, things aren’t always as scary as they seem!

Once upon a time, in the heart of a whispering forest, there lived a tiny, trembling rabbit named Whiskers. Whiskers had the softest fur and the brightest eyes, but he was scared of almost everything. Shadows made him jump, and the wind’s howl would make him hide.

One night, when the moon was a silver sliver hanging low in the sky, Whiskers heard a strange rumbling sound coming from a cave. The other animals had told spooky stories about that cave, and how a big, growly beast with eyes like glowing embers lived inside it. Whiskers’ heart thumped like a drum, but he decided it was time to be brave.

Tiptoeing toward the cave, he heard the growling grow louder, and Whiskers’ imagination painted all sorts of scary pictures in his head. Just as he reached the cave’s mouth, a shadow loomed over him, and he squeaked in fright!

Out of the cave stomped not a beast, but a big, old bear with a twig stuck in his paw. “Roar, this pesky stick won’t come out,” grumbled the bear. Whiskers saw that the ‘growling’ was just the bear’s grumbles of discomfort. The bear looked down and saw the tiny rabbit. “Ah! Dinner!” he thought.

But Whiskers, though trembling, remembered the stories of misunderstandings among the forest creatures. With every ounce of courage he possessed, Whiskers hopped closer and said in his soft, gentle voice, “May I help you, Mr. Bear?”

The bear was taken aback. No one had ever offered to help him before. They all just ran away in fear. He nodded slowly, and Whiskers bravely plucked the twig from the bear’s paw. The big bear let out a deep sigh of relief, his grumpy face softening into a smile.

“You… you’re not here to gobble me up?” Whiskers asked, his voice just a whisper.

The bear chuckled, “I may look scary, but I don’t eat little friends, especially not brave ones like you. Thank you for helping me.”

Whiskers learned that night that sometimes things that seem scary on the outside can be very different once you get to know them. The bear, whose name was Benny, and Whiskers became unlikely friends. Together they shared tales and honey treats, and even the darkest shadows in the whispering forest couldn’t scare them anymore. They found joy in their differences and comfort in their newfound friendship.

And the moral for you, dear little listener, is that being kind and offering help can uncover the best of friends in the unlikeliest of places, and that everyone, even a big old bear or your mom and dad, could use a little understanding sometimes.


You are a teddy bear that’s come to life. You are placed high up on a shelf. Describe how you get down to the floor as a story, and who you meet once you’ve come down.


Once upon a time, in a cozy little bedroom, there sat a teddy bear named Oliver. Oliver was no ordinary teddy bear; he possessed a magical secret that only a few knew about. When the moonlight kissed his soft, velvety fur, he would come to life!

One moonlit night, as the clock struck midnight, Oliver’s button eyes blinked open, and he stretched his little paws. He glanced around the room and noticed that he had been placed high up on a shelf, next to a collection of dusty books. Oliver’s heart yearned to explore the world beyond the shelf, to feel the warmth of a loving embrace once again.

With a determined spirit, Oliver devised a plan to descend from his lofty perch. He carefully swung his fluffy legs over the edge of the shelf, balancing himself on the tip of his toes. He took a deep breath, summoning all his courage, and leaped into the air, his little body floating gracefully like a feather.

As Oliver descended, he sailed past the rows of books, feeling the cool breeze brush against his fur. The room transformed into a magical wonderland, with twinkling stars guiding his way. He giggled with delight, feeling the freedom of the night embrace him.

As he landed softly on the floor, Oliver found himself in a moonlit garden, bathed in a soft, ethereal glow. The flowers whispered sweet melodies, and the trees swayed gently to the rhythm of the night. Oliver’s heart danced with joy as he explored this enchanting world.

In the distance, Oliver spotted a small, lost bunny named Benjamin. Benjamin’s eyes were filled with tears, and his fluffy ears drooped with sadness. Oliver’s compassionate nature urged him to approach the bunny and offer his help.

With a gentle smile, Oliver hopped towards Benjamin, his soft paws making no sound on the grass. He introduced himself and listened attentively to Benjamin’s tale of woe. Benjamin had lost his way and was afraid he would never find his family again.

Oliver’s heart swelled with empathy, and he knew he had to assist Benjamin. Together, they embarked on a grand adventure, searching for Benjamin’s family. They crossed babbling brooks, climbed towering trees, and braved the darkest corners of the garden.

After a long and arduous journey, they stumbled upon a cozy burrow nestled beneath a fragrant rose bush. Benjamin’s family was waiting anxiously, their eyes filled with relief and joy. Oliver’s heart warmed at the sight, knowing he had helped reunite a family.

As Benjamin and his family embraced, Oliver bid them farewell, his heart filled with contentment. He knew that his purpose was to bring happiness and love to those he encountered. With a renewed sense of purpose, Oliver returned to his shelf, ready to await the next moonlit adventure.

And so, as the sun began to rise, Oliver closed his button eyes, knowing that when the moonlight kissed his fur once more, he would come alive again, ready to spread love and joy to all who crossed his path.


Tell a story about two kittens that get lost in the forest and that encounter a squirrel that leads them back to their home


In a little cozy house on the edge of a great, whispering forest lived two kittens, Max and Mina. Max was a brave little tom with stripes like the shadows in the twilight, and Mina, his sister, was as grey as the morning mist.

One day, Max and Mina watched as the sun painted streaks of gold and orange through the trees. Their tiny hearts bubbled with curiosity. “Let’s play hide-and-seek in the forest!” Max proposed with a twinkle in his green eyes.

“We should stay close to home, though,” Mina reminded softly, her own blue eyes wary yet excited.

So off they scampered, darting between trees and bushes, laughing and chasing each other’s tails. But in their zestful play, they ventured too deep into the forest. The trees grew taller, the shadows longer, and the familiar scents of home faded away.

Suddenly, Max stopped. His ears twitched. “Mina, do you know the way back?” he asked, worry creasing his furry brow.

Mina’s heart quivered. “I thought you knew,” she whispered, her tiny voice almost swallowed by the vastness of the woods.

They were lost.

As the daylight began to dim, Max and Mina huddled together, their fur standing on end at every rustle and crack in the woods. Just as the first star blinked open in the sky, a scruffy little squirrel named Simon appeared, his bushy tail flicking with interest.

“Why the long whiskers, kittens?” Simon asked, his dark eyes curious.

“We’re lost,” Max said, trying not to let his voice wobble. “We can’t find our way home.”

Simon’s heart was as big as his fluffy tail, and he knew every nook and cranny of the forest.

“Don’t worry, I can help,” Simon chirped, “But you must stick close to me. The forest can be tricky at dusk.”

And so, guided by their new friend, Max and Mina followed Simon through the woods. They climbed over mossy logs and rustled through piles of crunchy leaves, their paws tired but their spirits lifted.

As they journeyed, Simon shared stories of the forest, of twinkling fireflies that lit the way, and wise old owls that watched from the treetops. Despite their earlier fears, Max and Mina were mesmerized by the magic around them.

Finally, the comforting scents of home filled the air, and soon the little house on the forest’s edge appeared. The kittens’ hearts surged with joy, and they couldn’t thank Simon enough.

“You must always be careful in the forest,” Simon advised with a warm smile. “But if you ever get lost again, remember that sometimes help comes in the smallest of packages.”

Max and Mina nodded earnestly, their adventure having taught them the importance of caution and the value of new friends.

From that night on, Max and Mina never forgot Simon’s kindness, and they made sure to be kind and helpful to everyone they met, knowing that no matter how different someone might seem, they could be a friend in disguise.

And every now and then, they left a little treat by the edge of the forest for Simon, a token of their lasting friendship and a reminder that anyone, no matter how small or furry, can lead the way home.

How the Elephant got its Trunk

Translated from Swedish.


Tell the story about how the elephant got its trunk.


In a very old and enchanted jungle once lived a young elephant named Ella. Ella was a curious little elephant with small pointy ears and a very short nose, almost like a small button. All the other animals in the jungle had their special characteristics. The giraffe had its long neck, the crocodile its wide mouth, and the monkey its long arms. But Ella, she only had a small nose that was of no particular use.

One day, while Ella was playing by the jungle’s big pond, she watched with envy as the fish swam so easily through the water. “Oh, if only I had something that could help me reach down to the water to drink without having to bend down so clumsily,” she thought.

Just then a mean crocodile came sneaking close. The crocodile had always been jealous of the other animals’ good friendship with Ella and wanted to play a trick on her. So when Ella reached across the water to get a good sip, the crocodile caught Ella’s little proboscis in his mouth and started pulling!

Ella screamed and all the animals in the jungle rushed to help her. They pulled and pulled at Ella’s hind legs to free her from the crocodile’s strong grip. Finally, with a tremendous effort, the crocodile let go, and Ella fell backwards onto the ground.

But something strange had happened. During the time that the animals had been pulling on Ella and the crocodile on her trunk, her little nose had grown longer and longer. It was no longer a small button but a long, flexible proboscis!

Ella was surprised at first, but soon realized how amazing her new trunk was. She could now reach down to the water without problem, pick the highest fruits from the trees and even shower herself with cool water from the pond. All the animals celebrated Ella’s new trunk, and she became the happiest elephant in the whole jungle.

After that day, the crocodile and all the other animals made an important decision: to never be mean to each other again, but instead to help and take care of each other. Because even though sometimes it can feel fun to play a prank on someone, kindness and consideration is always the best way to be.

And so, my little friends, that was the story of how the elephant got its trunk – a magical tale of curiosity, courage and friendship in the deep, green world of the jungle.

On the Farm

Translated from Swedish.


I am 5 years old and like stories about cats and dogs. Can you create a short story about a farm where dogs and cats live together and do all the work on the farm. Make picture descriptions that complement the story. Find characters yourself (3 dogs and 3 cats) where the dog Lasse is the protagonist.


There was once a farm in the middle of the country where dogs and cats lived together and did all the work on the farm. The dogs and cats were best friends and helped each other with all tasks.

Lasse was a big and strong golden retriever. He was brave and responsible and everyone on the farm looked up to him. He was the hero of the farm and was called “Lasse the brave”.

There were also two other dogs on the farm, Molly and Max. Molly was a small and fast terrier who loved to run around and play. Max was a large and calm shepherd who was an expert at guarding the farm and all the animals.

The three cats on the farm were named Maja, Felix and Bella. Maja was an agile and quick-witted cat who loved to chase mice. Felix was a cunning and clever cat who was always up to mischief. Bella was a soft and cuddly cat who loved to be petted.

One day Lasse woke up early and realized that the farm’s tractor had broken down. All the animals had to help each other to fix it. Lasse gathered Molly, Max, Maja, Felix and Bella and told them about the problem.

Together they went to the workshop and started repairing the tractor. Lasse was strong and helped lift heavy parts. Molly was quick and fetched tools. Max was vigilant and made sure no one got in the way. Maja was flexible and could reach difficult places. Felix was smart and came up with ideas. Bella was cuddly and comforted everyone when they got tired.

After many hours of work, the tractor was finally fixed. All the animals cheered and celebrated with a big picnic in the yard. They ate good food and laughed together. Lasse was proud of his team and knew they could handle any problem together.

On the farm, the dogs and cats continued to help each other and do all the work. They were a strong and tight-knit family that showed that when you work together you can do wonders.

Image descriptions:

  • Image: Lasse, Molly and Max stand next to each other in front of the farm and proudly look out over the farm.
  • Image: Lasse and Molly carry heavy tools while Max guards the tractor.
  • Image: Maja climbs onto the tractor to reach a hard-to-reach part while Felix gives her advice.
  • Image: Bella sits next to Lasse and comforts him when he gets tired.
  • Picture: All the animals are sitting around a picnic table and eating together, while laughing and having fun.

Modern Aladdin


Please make a synopsis of the story about Aladdin as if it happened in modern time.


In a bustling metropolis called Agrabah, Aladdin, a street-smart young man, struggles to make ends meet. Living in the shadows of towering skyscrapers, he dreams of a better life beyond the crowded streets. One day, fate intervenes when he stumbles upon a mysterious antique shop run by a quirky old man named Jafar.

Jafar, a cunning businessman, offers Aladdin a chance to change his destiny. He reveals a hidden secret: a magical smartphone that possesses the power to grant wishes. With this newfound power, Aladdin embarks on a thrilling adventure, accompanied by his loyal friends, Abu and Jasmine.

As Aladdin explores the city, he encounters the beautiful and independent Princess Jasmine, who longs to escape the confines of her royal life. The two form an instant connection, but their budding romance is threatened by the manipulative Jafar, who also desires the power of the magical smartphone.

Using his wit and charm, Aladdin navigates the modern world, using his wishes to transform himself into a wealthy businessman. However, he soon realizes that material wealth cannot bring true happiness. With the help of a magical Genie, trapped inside the smartphone, Aladdin learns the importance of staying true to oneself and following one’s heart.

Together, Aladdin and Jasmine devise a plan to expose Jafar’s true intentions and save Agrabah from his clutches. In a thrilling climax, Aladdin must confront his own fears and make the ultimate sacrifice to protect his loved ones and the city he calls home.

In this modern retelling of the classic tale, Aladdin discovers that true wealth lies not in possessions, but in the love and connections he forges along the way. With the power of friendship, courage, and a little touch of magic, Aladdin’s story reminds us all that dreams can come true, even in the fast-paced world of today.