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Professional uses of ChatGPT

Here are a few things I’ve used ChatGPT successfully for:

  • Rephrasing existing text to address a different audience or create a different tone.
  • Writing fact notes about different phenomena targeted to a context.
  • Providing pros and cons for different solutions, e.g. explain where QR codes and NFC tags respectively work the best.
  • Writing a synopsis or a slogan based on a body of text, picking out the essentials.
  • Generating code in different programming languages, as a starting point for solutions.
  • Writing stories describing use of a phenomenon from a certain person’t point of view.

And this is just a start.

I’ve begun using responses as further input to ChatGPT, e.g. a created set of chapter titles as a basis for a more complete text, a created story as a basis for generating pictures via Dall-E etc.

I’m also experimenting with Dall-E version 3.