Netduino: Rationale

Posted on the Netduino Community today: The two first projects [touch screen, motion/distance sensor] I did today in a few hours (HW and SW; the little there was), which indicates basic prototypes like these don’t take much time at all. It’s very effective to make small classes that provide drivers for different shields, different protocols Read more about Netduino: Rationale[…]

MCU Apps

Abiro offers development of microcontroller applications. Main focus is MCUs in the Atmel AVR and Microchip PIC series, programmed in Basic, C/C++ and/or C#. Abiro has special knowledge about the Arduino open-source electronics prototyping platform, used in e.g. the original Arduino (Wiring/C/C++) and Netduino (.NET Micro Framework, C#) boards, and related peripheral shields, and the plethora of Read more about MCU Apps[…]


In anything and everything… Microcontrollers or MCUs are self-contained single-chip computers containing CPU and memory for the software and data, as well as many types of peripherals. MCUs come in packages from 6 pins up to more than 100 depending on what kind of functionality is provided. Increasingly high-end MCUs get DSP functionality to accelerate math and signal processing. Read more about Microcontrollers[…]