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Business Concept

Abiro Mobilizer is a concept for mobile-enabling (or mobilizing) enterprise and Web services for access from mass market mobile phones.

Mobilizer is developed on the vision that the proliferation of mobile phones opens up a need and advantage of accessing services via mobile phones.

We exploit the functionality and global proliferation of mobile phones to ensure simple, multi-medial and attractive communication and presentation of data and information in a fast and confidential manner. Being always on, always with you etc, makes mobile phones obvious for improving speed, effectiveness and accuracy.

The Enterprise Service Scenario

Significant values can be realized in corporations by ensuring that real-time, up-to-date and accurate information is made available for corporate decisions (up-stream) at the same time as management decisions are rapidly and attractively transmitted to concerned individuals in the organization for fast understanding and rapid implementation (down-stream). Complementing with access via mobile phones can significantly improve that communication, e.g. by simplifying the handling of work orders and status reporting for roaming workers. Also, having online access to customer data etc via mobile phones while travelling, makes it much more obvious and easy to access that information whenever needed.

Covered by this scenario is also wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, where autonomous mobile modules in equipment and vehicles provide or use information for e.g. alerts, status, control, measurements etc.

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The Internet Service Scenario

As a way to reach a much broader user base as well as to provide increased functionality, it’s essential to offer users access to
public Web services from their mobile phones. E.g. blogging and social network services will gain a lot from utilizing the capabilities a mobile phone has for taking photos, recording video and audio clips, providing the user’s location, send and receive instant messages, view/play multimedia etc. As users always bring their phones, it’s also very easy for them to submit information at the spur of the moment and get contacted whenever and wherever.

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Technology Concept

There are several different ways to enable mobile access to a service, via native means (SMS, MMS, WAP, HTTP/HTML etc) and applications (Java, Mac OS X, Symbian OS etc).

The Mobilizer concept is focusing on mobile applications, as they have a number of benefits, among others:

  • supported by almost all mobile phones being deployed today
  • enables access to local phone functionality (e.g. camera, local storage, messaging, positioning, audio in/out etc)
  • provides means to handle the user interaction and data locally before exchanging information with a service
  • can present information in an attractive way (including graphically)
  • tolerant to network outages, using local interaction and storage of data

During the analysis of the best solution to use in any specific customer case Abiro is open to also consider other methods for communication, as listed above, e.g. to quickly get a very broad support for mobile phones, provided a good user experience can be achieved.

We use the mobile network as-is, so all communication is directly between the users and the services, without any need for operator or phone manufacturer cooperation. We also use the mobile network to distribute the mobile applications, so that when a new version of the mobile applications are available, it can simply be distributed to all users, and the application will even tell you when a new version has been released.

Abiro also takes care of adapting the service for mobile communication, to secure that the mobile network is used in the most efficient way possible (for cost and performance reasons), and also to secure that the heavy lifting is done centrally, while the user experience is achieved in the phone.

Further Information

Juniper Research has released a report on the topic called Future Mobile Enterprise. You can download a free white paper with extracts from the report.