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Mobile Sites

Screenshot_2015-11-03-15-12-57To reach customers when they are on the move you need a site optimized for access via mobile phones. Sites optimized for PCs are generally not suitable for consumption via mobile phones: too much information, a need to pan and zoom etc.

A mobile site is created and updated much quicker than a native app, for a lower total cost, and by using QR Codes, NFC tags, SMS etc you can easily make customers aware of your site.

Abiro can offer mobile sites as full responsibility projects, where we take care of:

  • Overall design
  • Creation of the site structure
  • Insertion of content
  • Creation of access methods (typically QR codes or SMS)
  • Possible creation of native apps (Android and iOS) that in turn access CliqTags sites
  • Possible custom development, like e.g. integration with existing systems etc

You’ll be able to see and comment while it’s being created. You don’t pay until you are happy with the result.

You will get access to administration of the site, so you can update it yourself.

Prices start from $1000 (excl. possible VAT) and go upwards based on complexity and additional work.

We also charge a hosting fee of $39 per month, for as long as you use the site.

Please provide a specification of desired design, structure and content. We’ll promptly come back with a quote based on the specification.

Get in touch with us and we’ll explain the offering further.