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Converter Pro (MIDP)

Table of Contents


Abiro Converter Pro enables you to quickly and easily convert between popular units (including those you specify on your own) and number bases. It’s useful e.g. on trips, when faced with foreign units that you can’t convert in your head. The number base conversion is very useful when developing software or dealing with color values in web design etc. Custom conversions can be used for lacking units as well as for currency conversion etc.

Main Screen

Commands (note that these may appear as softkeys or in a menu depending on phone):

  • Convert: Converts the entered value according to the Units settings
  • Clear: Clears the value field for new input
  • Invert: Inverts the value (1/x)
  • Units: Selects unit category and from/to units
  • Custom: Manages (adds/deletes) custom conversions; see more below
  • Setup: Sets the number of decimals
  • Help: Help information
  • About: Information about the application

Usage of Conversion

  • Select Units in the menu
  • Select a Category
  • Select From and To units
  • Enter a value in Value
  • Select Convert

Custom enables you to add up to 10 own conversions based on multiplication.

Usage of Custom

  • Select Custom in the menu
  • Either Add new or Delete existing conversions
  • When adding a new conversion you specify a Name for the conversion and a Multiplier value
  • These conversions are then selected by choosing Custom in the Category list


  • Category and From/To Units are remembered, so you can quickly make several conversions using the same settings. Also, the last value converted will be used as the new value for the next conversion.
  • Times are approximate (24 hours per day, 30 days per month, 365 days per year). Work-related times assume 8 hours per work day, 5 days per week etc, and are useful for preliminary project planning and similar.


Any mobile phone with CLDC 1.0 / MIDP 1.0, which should be pretty much any phone supporting MIDlets. The only concern might be available memory on older phones.