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Converter Free (Android)

Download from Google Play

There’s now a commercial version with many more conversions, including your own, called Abiro Converter.

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Abiro Converter Free enables you to quickly and easily convert between popular units and number bases. It’s useful e.g. on trips, when faced with foreign units that you can’t convert in your head. The number base conversion is very useful when developing software or dealing with color values in web design etc.



You can download Converter Free from Google Play.

Main Screen

Category, From and To select the units you want to convert between.

Convert performs conversion.

The menu contains a few other functions:

  • Swap: Exchanges the selected units
  • Invert: Inverts the value (1/x)
  • Clear: Resets Value to the default value
  • Setup: Sets the precision (number of decimals), the default value and speech assistance
  • Help: Help information
  • About: Information about the application

Usage of Conversion

  1. Possibly enter a value in Value
  2. Select a Category
  3. Select From and To units
  4. Select Convert
  5. Rinse and repeat…


  • Category and From/To Units are remembered between conversions, so you can quickly make several conversions using the same settings.
  • The last value converted will be used as the new value for the next conversion.
  • Note: Times are approximate (24 hours per day, 30 days per month, 365 days per year). Work-related times assume 8 hours per work day, 5 days per week etc, and are useful for preliminary project planning and similar.


Any Android phone with Android 2.2 or newer.


The application’s ads will ask permission for Internet access, but Converter Free itself doesn’t need communication.