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ColorSampler (MIDP)

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Use ColorSampler to identify the color of items.

It can serve as an aid for the color blind, or be used for sampling colors for use on Web sites etc.


Point the phone’s camera at an item and press Detect. That’s all there’s to it.

Information detail, text size and whether ColorSampler shall auto-start, can be controlled via Setup.


Setup can be used to control the following:

  • Font size: affects most text information (default: Small)
  • Verbose: whether to show only color name or much more detailedinformation (default: off)
  • Auto-start: whether it shall auto-start when the phone is poweredon (default: off)


  • Make sure there’s sufficient light on the item for an accurate colordetection.
  • Color is detected at the center of the camera view, so always center onthe part of the item you want to check.
  • The automatic white balance of the camera might sometimes mis-adjust,which especially affects the detection of non-saturated colors.


Any mobile phone with CLDC 1.1 / MIDP 2.0 and a camera (any resolution will do), which should be pretty much any phone released 2007 or later.