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AutoCheckin (Android)

You can use AutoCheckin to automatically or manually checkin to Facebook Places with minimum effort.

Automatic checkins are activated by default, so every time you move to another place and has been there for a set period of time (see more below), AutoCheckin will check you in automatically to the nearest Place.

You can download AutoCheckin from Google Play.

Automatic Checkins

AutoCheckin is preset to do automatic checkins, but you might want to change Location Method to Fine if you only want to do checkins while you have GPS coverage, and that way increase Place accuracy. Checkins will not be made until AutoCheckin has detected your location.

Manual Checkins

Preferably set Automatic Checkins to Off, unless you want automatic checkins as well.

Then perform Get Places in the menu to get a list of Places near where you are. Select one of them, possibly write a message and press Checkin. Note that Get Places and Checkin won’t work until AutoCheckin has detected your location.


Automatic Checkins (default: On)

Set On for automatic checkins based on staying within Radius for Movement for the time period set in Threshold Time.

Set Off to perform manual checkins via the main page.

Message (default: I’m here…)

The message that is sent with automatic checkins.

Location Method (default: Coarse)

None: No location is being made. This is not a very useful setting, as you can’t make any checkins.

Coarse (Cell, Wi-Fi): Location based on Cell and Wi-Fi locations. Much more coarse than GPS, but works in-doors and draws less battery.

Coarse or Fine (Cell, Wi-Fi, GPS): Uses GPS unless out of coverage (indoors or close to high buildings etc).

Fine (GPS): Uses only GPS. If there is no GPS coverage checkins will not be made.

Radius for Places (default: 2000 meters)

The radius for which Places will be gathered for the Places list and for automatic checkins.

Radius for Movement (default: 500 meters)

The radius within which the phone can move around and still be considered still.

Threshold Time (default: 10 minutes)

The amount of time needed before an automatic checkin is made, provided the phone is within Radius for Movement during that whole time period.

Speech Assistance (default: On)

When activated, checkins are spoken.

Status Popups (default: Off)

When activated, AutoCheckin shows brief status messages about location and the state of the app.