Interaktion i flykten

Visste du att man numera huvudsakligen når Internet via sin mobiltelefon, bekräftat av ny statistik från KPCB, OfCom etc, och att det ökar snabbt? Se Iom den breda etableringen av smartphones har de blivit praktiska verktyg för att nå intressant information, var som helst och när som helst, men fortfarande är innehållet på webbsajter Read more about Interaktion i flykten[…]

LoRa in Lund

Abiro participates in the evaluation of sensor communication using LoRaWAN in Lund Open City Sensor Network. The content of this post has been moved to Tutorials – LoRa, so that it can be easier updated over time.  

Android and iOS completely dominate smartphones

Stunning dominance: “Android and iOS operating systems held an astounding 99.6 percent of all worldwide smartphone sales during last year’s final quarter.” “Android grabbed 81.7 percent of sales in the months spanning October through December last year.” Windows Phone is on life support and BlackBerry OS has kicked the bucket Microsoft still makes a lot Read more about Android and iOS completely dominate smartphones[…]

Abiro Picit

This new Web app provides an easy way to create custom pictures to post on social media. As stated on the Picit page: Brand-created Facebook posts that include images earn 87% of all engagement. Tweets with images earn nearly 20% more clicks, nearly 90% more favorites, and 150% more retweets. Currently it’s free to use, Read more about Abiro Picit[…]

Chatbots FTW?

Update: Cisco acquired MindMeld for $125M, and their site is gone. Is it realistic to make chatbots for popular chat services? Very much so. The state of the industry is such that best case you can set up chatbots without writing a line of code. Here are a few services of note: Especially has Read more about Chatbots FTW?[…]

Tech in 2017

What’s to be expected? I believe a lot in different combinations of Mobile, Internet of Things, Big Data (and Analysis), Machine Learning, Robotics and Healthcare. Machine Learning is one of the areas I’m studying right now for opportunities, not the least in the areas of autonomous robots and stock market analysis.