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Anders Borg joins Physical Web Association

Physical Web Association (PHWA) aims to promote the use of beacons for context-based information access and interaction via mobile devices.

From the site:

What is the Physical Web Association?

The Physical Web Association (PHWA) is a non-profit community established to advance the future development of the Physical Web. Our main goals are to drive its adoption and ensure it remains universal and open. We are developing the next generation of this technology in the meantime.

I see a value in promoting use of beacons, to extend the reach of and broaden use cases for CliqTags, Abiro’s mobile CMS. Some use cases are similar to what QR codes are used for today, but also completely new scenarios are considered, and not just for CliqTags either.

My hope is that by having access to a freely available and solid generic app for beacon-initiated information access, such access will be easier, and providers of services can focus on what to show where, instead of the underlying technology.