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Health-related apps

Abiro has made a few health-related applications in the past, notably:

This is a vast field with many possibilities, including in combination with Internet of Things and Machine Learning, and we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg yet in terms of possibilities and gains.

For experimental purposes, partly to investigate possibilities with text-to-speech, product APIs etc, but also as a basis for future applications, Abiro has developed these showcases for the Swedish market, that of course could be esaily translated. Both are available for iOS and Android with the same functionality. Whether they will be released as-is remains to be decided.

Färgfinn (Color Finder)

Detects the color of an object and says it out loud, as well as provides color values in CSS-supported formats.


  • Aid for color blind or outright visually impaired
  • Quick (yet not very accurate) way to sample colors for Web sites etc

Demo video:

Inköpskompis (Shopping Buddy)

Reads a UPC/EAN barcode and looks up related product information. Then it provides searching on the code or product name via Google, as well as stores the product name to a shopping list.

It currently supports ICA (Sweden’s biggest retail chain) and Walmart (slightly bigger US retail chain) APIs, for the same result. Walmart’s API data is considerably richer, with extensive details about each product, and only a tiny fraction of that is currently used.


  • Aid for visually impaired
  • Comparison shopping
  • Re-purchases of groceries

Please contact Abiro if you are interested in these specific or similar applications.