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Looking back on 2015, looking forward to 2016

It’s been an exciting year for Abiro. Examples:

  • Did consulting work for HemoCue, involving making an end-to-end solution for transferring measurements from HemoCue’s equipment to a server.
  • Did consulting work for Instant Advice (and indirectly Beconfident), involving development of a platform and apps for advice relating to over-the-counter products.
  • CliqTags got published on Samsung KNOX Marketplace, until they decided to close down the e-shop before even marketing had started.
  • Added support for iBeacon to CliqTags, so that it’s now a complete turnkey solution for beacon deployments.
  • The mobile apps related to CliqTags have been rounded out with ditto for iBeacon.
  • The IoTino concept has been copied (probably unknowingly) by several providers. Not a win for Abiro obviously, but indicating we were on the right track.
  • Bundled CliqTags with the meeting interaction offering provided by MM3 under the CloudConf name.
  • Set up a store for beacons for use with CliqTags.
  • Installed and configured numerous WordPress sites.
  • Provided several CliqTags-based solutions, including a mobile work ordering site and apps for Polygon Group.
  • Abiro has been active in the PhoneGap/Cordova community, and has provided a tool creating app icons and splash screens, as well as a tutorial and code template, for such apps.

Plans for 2016

  • Abiro will no longer offer software development on consulting basis, and rather offer management consulting only. Development will though continue within the company for its own products.
  • In terms of product offerings, Abiro will focus on CliqTags and possible IoT and healthcare opportunities.