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News about Twitizer

Normally news about Twitizer is posted on the Twitizer blog, but here’s an aggregation of things that’s happened the last months in reverse order. See the blog for more.

  • A flat design with mono-colored icons and buttons, a new logo and a more consistent color scheme
  • Support for emojis
  • When uploading a video, it will show up in the Twitter stream as well, by including the link to YouTube
  • When uploading one or more pictures, the first one will also show up in the Twitter stream
  • If posting a tweet with a location you can now deactivate the display of the map
  • When you enter name you are taken to that user’s Twitizer timeline
  • Links, usernames and hashtags in messages behave as expected
  • Fully supporting the latest Twitter API (1.1)
  • When removing a message at Twitizer, it’s now removed at Twitter too (including any retweets)
  • When clicking on the Twitter icon for a user or message, you are taken to that user or message on Twitter
  • Much increased performance by caching pictures both on the server and in the browser

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