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Enterprise apps is where it’s at

At least that’s the opinion in this article.

“the average enterprise focussed app development organisation is making around 16 times as much revenue as the average consumer focussed one in total”

Why are you still building consumer apps? Enterprise pays 4x more! | Developer Economics

There are many facets to this, not mentioned in the article. For instance, increasingly app development for companies is for adding mobility to their product lines, hence it’s not just about internal use, nor for administrative use. E.g., I recently developed a prototype app that enabled access to a customer’s existing medtech equipment from Android tablets. Fully paid for by the customer, and no risk on my part, except that it was a fixed price project and I also did the requirement and design work. The plan for next year is a commercial version of the app and a complementing service that collects and distributes the data. Whether I’m involved then is unknown.