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Any life in Second Life?

My experience is, not very much.

While working with MM3 we used Second Life (that was then marketed as the next big thing) for pushing news to a screen within the official Swedish area that visitors could read. A very nice feature that we didn’t fully utilize, but it was neither any point commercially speaking.

When I revisited Second Life today it felt very lonely. Even the supposed most popular spots were quite empty. Also, the technology hasn’t evolved: Environments still look quite simplistic, despite years of evolution of 3D technology.

Maybe we’ll see something new in this direction, like Facebook or Twitter in almost real life, but I don’t think they have any such plans. It doesn’t fit with the now established one-to-arbitrarily-many blogging paradigm.

Maybe EA could collaborate with Linden Research for a multi-user Sims. It would probably spell chaos.