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RaveGlow – Lights up the party

RaveGlow is on the surface a rather simple and to-the-point app that shows color patterns on the display, to be used when you want to grab the attention of others. Whether they find it enjoyable or not depends on the situation and the people.

What makes RaveGlow a bit complex on the inside, but also easy to expand, is that it deploys a dual wave generation system with square, triangle, sine, ramp/saw and random waves affecting hue, saturation and brightness (HSB), and at any frequency, with a resolution of 10 milliseconds. Each pattern or script is stored as data, so there’s no special code per pattern. It’s actually based on code I developed for Netduino that was easily ported (C# is really “Java+”, but Microsoft would of course not officially admit to that): The power of abstraction.

Features considered for the future:

  • More (and more complex) wave generation and patterns. I’m considering modulation of waves in terms of frequency and amplitude, like all audio synthesizers do.
  • A scrolling user-definable text message in any color.
  • Audio recorded via the microphone acting as a color modulator.
  • Replicate color patterns that other phones (or other things) show by using the camera in preview mode.

Possibly via in-app billing.

We’ll see…