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Paper books are extinct (or at least should be)

Just threw away 10+ shelf ft of books (and there’s more that I’ve marked for extinction).

Paper books are by now completely redundant:

  • Pretty much all literature is available in digital form (and old ditto is completely free, if you now care about that, provided you care about books at all; few do nowadays).
  • A paper encyclopedia is outdated before you get it (all my encyclopedias got the recycling treatment).
  • You get space for more relevant things.
  • Paper books are very heavy, something you realize when you move.
  • Generally, paper books have no resale value, even after a 100 years (unless you are extremely lucky), so why keep them once you’ve read them?

The same goes for most documents, magazines, music and movies of course, so with the right equipment there’s very little information you need to keep on paper or plastic.