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BabbleBox, the word is out

device-2014-05-03-121508BabbleBox is an app that makes it easy to speak instead of type Facebook (status updates and checkins) and Twitter messages (tweets). That’s all it does, so it’s not as advanced as some competitors, but it’s also considerably easier to use due to that fact.

We used the speech recognition and speech synthesis available in Android, so it’s also a showcase of what can be done with those features. The software also sports location, Facebook and Twitter communication in re-usable classes.

We e.g. see a possibility to develop vertical speech recognition apps for situations where the hands are tied, so to speak. E.g. while driving, controlling equipment, if disabled etc. Speech synthesis could be used for lots of things, like reading messages, reporting status on things, reading ebooks etc. Many such apps already exist of course, but we don’t think the market is covered yet, at least not in vertical segments where price per unit is considerably higher. Abiro also has a few apps in the works that use speech synthesis as a complement to displayed information.

The development of BabbleBox was a collaboration between Abiro and Concieo Consulting, where Abiro specified, coordinated, provided re-usable classes, did some coding and debugging, tested, wrote help information, published on Google Play etc. Concieo specified, developed (which obviously took most of the time), designed graphics, tested etc.