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CliqTags has been launched

logoCliqTags is a Web application that makes it very easy to build smart mobile content behind QR Codes, Microsoft Tags, NFC tags, click ads etc, without need for knowledge about the technologies involved.


  • To create a feedback form you only need to provide an e-mail address.
  • To build a Twitter feed you only need to provide a Twitter user name.
  • To make a video page you only need to provide a Youtube link or video ID.
  • etc.

The current focus is QR Codes in terms of creating tags for print, but MS Tags etc are considered for implementation shortly.

It supports 3 business models, via a flexible plan system, that can be configured for individual customers or  groups of customers.

  • Prepaid, via separate invoicing
  • Subscription, monthly
  • Clicks, per tag access

Online payments are handled via Paypal (credit card or Paypal account).

It’s currently introduced in Sweden, but will be rolled out worldwide shortly.

CliqTags™ was developed and funded by Abiro.