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QR Codes on the rise?

QR Contact Anders BorgAre QR Codes the future for simple ‘snapshot’ information retrieval, location and object identification, and engagement marketing?

As always there are many possible futures, yet Abiro believes QR Codes will be in the mix, and increasingly so.

When comparing to requesting a person to send in an SMS with a given keyword, a QR Code is much more immediate, provided there’s a QR-reading application in the phone and the user knows how to use it. We are not there yet, generally speaking, but it’s increasingly likely that if you have a smartphone, you might also have a QR-enabled application installed, and if no other, at least it might be Google Goggles.

It’s anyone’s guess whether Google will fully integrate Goggles into the embedded camera app, but it’s not farfetched, and would make the photographing experience quite different, providing meta data that adds value to the photo, and that provides (hopefully) relevant information to the user about what the camera sees, including QR Codes of course.

Abiro will launch a service that will help with everyday adoption of QR Codes in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

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