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Arduino: Prototyping

IMAG0245There are several platforms you can use to build prototypes for Arduino-compatible boards. Here are a few good examples, as seen in the picture (left to right):

  • Prototype board for soldering. I buy bare prototype boards that I add 6 and 8 pin stackable headers to.
  • Prototype board with added mini breadboards. Again based on a bare prototype board and stackable headers.
  • Prototype board with screw terminals (ProtoScrewShield). This too has room for two mini breadboards. See separate note about it. 

I prefer soldering the components instead of using breadboards for stability and space reasons, but breadboards are good for first-stage “lab only” prototyping.

In the background are:

  • Netduino Plus
  • Arduino Uno

Note the protective tape on top of the USB connector of Arduino Uno, to avoid short-circuiting the attached shield. Why not use USB mini or micro like all the clones do instead? As you can see on Netduino the connectors are either in plastic or very low. That’s the way to go. (rhyme not intended)